At GPS Healthcare, we do more than simply fax and email CV's from point A to point B. Our individuals strive to provide a personal touch to clients and candidates, and assist in the integral parts of the job search.
Over the last decade, we've focused on providing quality service to candidates, while establishing and growing relationships with Healthcare Facilities throughout the 50 states.
We are proud of our extensive Client database that consists of:
  • Hospitals (State, Privately Owned, Veteran's Affairs, etc)
  • Academic Institutions, Opportunities to teach and conduct Research
  • Single and Multi Specialty Group Practices
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Solo Private Practice Opportunities
  • Opportunities that offer Federal Loan Repayment for Resident & Fellows, and Sponsorship of J1 and H1B Visas
On the candidate side, we work to stay current with a constantly updated list of candidates, ranging from Residents and Fellows looking for their first job out of training, to Board Certified Physicians with as much as 10-20+ years in the field.
GPS consultants take the time to gather important information from each Physician, and provide clients with pertinent details such as:
  • Why the candidate is interested in a particular location. Do they have family ties/friends in the area?
  • Salary requirements
  • Would an on-call rotation be an issue?
  • The type of clinical atmosphere he or she would be most comfortable in. Hospital Setting, Outpatient Practice, ER, etc.
  • Any malpractice issues that a future employer should be aware of
Detailed information makes it easier for a facility to accurately evaluate a presented candidate, and determine whether or not he/she could be a potential fit.
All in All, we think that you'll find our team of professionals to be Educated, Friendly, Ethical and a pleasure to work with... Contact us and see for yourself!